The Knitting Cuisine

This project was inspired by the traditional craft of knitting and aims to explore abilities of food in the material context and give ordinary kitchen tools a new purpose. This is a collection of recipes and fun activities that can expand your knowledge and expectations of knit. It can be considered as a game and the only rule is – use all the things that you can find in the kitchen. Be creative!

Baked Knitting

I experimented with different knitting and braiding techniques using dough to create delicate and eatable knitted pastries.

Frosting Knitting

I used a piping bag with different nozzles to create lacy knitted designs.

Pasta Knitting


You can knit out of almost anything! Pasta and even courgette spaghetti can be used as yarn. Of course, the whole process requires a lot of patience and very delicate hands, but the result with unexpected natural gradient effect due to the quality of the materials, looks fantastic and is 100% worth it.

Using Kitchen Tools to Knit With

It is interesting enough to use food as knitting material, but the rules for this project were to use everything you can find in the kitchen, so, why not to create a knitting loom out something as unexpected as a dish drying rack? And because knitting out of yarn is just too easy, why not use a shower sponge instead?

Even a dish drying rack can serve as a tool for knitting.
Using unravelled shower sponge as a yarn.

The end result for this project turned into a cookbook with detailed diagrams and step by step recipes. The idea was to prove that knitting is not a boring fabric making technique that is mistakenly associated with grandmothers. By using unexpected materials and tools to create samples, I wanted to show that there is so much more to it. But most of all, I wanted to encourage everyone to break all the rules and just have fun knitting with anything that you can think of. It’s great to be brave and to experiment!

Below is a link to the PDF version of my book.

The knitting cuisine

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