We can never fully experience a painting because we do not see the whole of it. The other side of a canvas is often left unseen, but it is equally as important and beautiful as the front. The back of an artwork can tell the story of the painting’s journey through years, completing the viewer’s full experience of a piece of art.


Looking at traditionally displayed artworks from new angles.

A similar idea can be applied to textiles. That is why The Other Side project focuses its attention on the equal beauty of all sides of a material.

tos2tos11tos22tos27tos16tos 30


Some techniques that were used in the knitting process focus more on the purl stitch or the other side of the fabric that is traditionally considered to be the back side.








The final presentation consists of a mixed media artwork that is supposed to be admired from every angle, representing the key idea of The Other Side project.


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